SnowGlobed 2014

Congrats to all of the artists involved in this year’s SnowGlobed at Theater Schmeater. It was amazing taking SnowGlobed from a one night event to a 3 weekend run. We couldn’t have done it without you!

And thanks to everyone who came out and saw it! We hope we helped set you on the path to a very happy holiday season!

Stay tuned for what’s next…

SnowGlobed Poster Fixed-2

This Friday!

This Friday!

5 Brand New Holiday Inspired Plays by Ben McFadden, Emily Conbere, Michael Blaylock, Abby Carter & Courtney Meaker. Performed by this year’s SnowGlobed Ensemble – Shane Regan, Sharon Barto, Pilar O’Connell, Raymond Williams, Katie McClain, Meaghan Halverson & Brandon Ryan. … Continue reading

First Rehearsal!

First Rehearsal!

Our First Read Throughs of all 5 brand new holiday inspired plays written for this year’s #SnowGlobed. AND the first readings done in #DelRyManor. First of many. What an amazing December 4, 2013.


Everything has a beginning. That’s science. I’m just not sure when PiP began. That’s art. 

It’s been something wandering in & out of my brain & my heart for years now. Maybe always. Knowing I wanted my own place to create opportunity for myself & my fellow artists to play. 

So here we are. Declaring it on the internet. Beginning. Officially. Already Existing.

Welcome to our playground.

Can’t wait to play with you.