SnowGlobed 5.0

wofl snowglobed

Playing in Progress is so excited to announce that we will be returning to West of Lenin for the

5th Annual SnowGlobed [an Evening of Holiday Inspired Scenes & Spectacles].

December 3-19, 2015. 8pm. Thursday – Saturday.

[Playwrights to be officially announced soon!]

And not only that!

Nick Edwards is expanding his play, FOR CHRISTMAS, from last year’s SnowGlobed into a full length that will be the Late Night to this year’s SnowGlobed MainStage Festival!

AND! Wait. There’s MORE!

Both Trevor Young Marston & Ben Burris are returning to revive their roles of

Jesus Christ & Santa Claus.

We can’t wait to spend the holidays with you!

SnowGlobed 2014

Congrats to all of the artists involved in this year’s SnowGlobed at Theater Schmeater. It was amazing taking SnowGlobed from a one night event to a 3 weekend run. We couldn’t have done it without you!

And thanks to everyone who came out and saw it! We hope we helped set you on the path to a very happy holiday season!

Stay tuned for what’s next…

SnowGlobed Poster Fixed-2

This Friday!

This Friday!

5 Brand New Holiday Inspired Plays by Ben McFadden, Emily Conbere, Michael Blaylock, Abby Carter & Courtney Meaker. Performed by this year’s SnowGlobed Ensemble – Shane Regan, Sharon Barto, Pilar O’Connell, Raymond Williams, Katie McClain, Meaghan Halverson & Brandon Ryan. … Continue reading

First Rehearsal!

First Rehearsal!

Our First Read Throughs of all 5 brand new holiday inspired plays written for this year’s #SnowGlobed. AND the first readings done in #DelRyManor. First of many. What an amazing December 4, 2013.


Everything has a beginning. That’s science. I’m just not sure when PiP began. That’s art. 

It’s been something wandering in & out of my brain & my heart for years now. Maybe always. Knowing I wanted my own place to create opportunity for myself & my fellow artists to play. 

So here we are. Declaring it on the internet. Beginning. Officially. Already Existing.

Welcome to our playground.

Can’t wait to play with you.